AquaCOR Pool Automation System

Wincor Pool Systems is Proud to Introduce The AquaCOR Pool Automation System. We are currently developing the AquaCOR pool automation system for residential pools.
AquaCOR Logo

Some of the AquaCOR capabilities are:

  • Full automation of pumps, cleaners, heaters, solar systems, actuator valves, lights and a whole lot more
  • Control via Phone/Tablet/Web to allow for full remote control via Internet or local control via WiFi
  • Temperature sensors and flow sensors
  • Remote Customer Service and System Setup available
  • Defined scenes that can be run at a set time, sunrise, sunset, or an offset of time e.g. turn light on rotating colors at sunset and run for 5 hours
  • Email alerts on set conditions, such as if a pump is on, but no water flow is registering (system will also turn pump off to protect it)
  • Freeze detection to automatically circulate water if temperature gets below set point
  • Lower price point then comparable systems
  • Full expansion module system allowing mix and match of up to 6 expansion modules:
    • Controllers for salt water chlorine generator
    • Additional relays and/or valves to allow control of more items
    • Additional expansion modules planned
  • Patent Pending – we have filed for a US patent
  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA
  • Our salt water controller (via expansion ports) will work with and control cells from other several manufactures.


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