Come see us present AquaCOR

AquaCOR will be at the Southeast Pool and Spa Show

Wincor Pool Systems will be presenting our new product, the AquaCOR pool automation system, in Nashville, TN February 6th – 7th at the Southeast Pool and Spa Show. We will have a display unit set up to demonstrate the GUI and system usability. We’re also encouraging people to sign up for our newsletter. Our newsletter will keep everyone up to date on the initial release and available expansion modules. Please stop by and tell us about any features that the pool professionals want to see added to the system.



We have received the latest version of the main control board. The new board is undergoing internal testing over the next few weeks and then will be distributed to our external test sites. We are very excited and are hoping that this design will carry us to production.

I can’t wait to introduce AquaCOR!

Work Continues on the Final Board Design

A few notes on our progress towards having a retail available unit:

In the spring we added several other prototype testers all over the US. Everything is going well, and the system is handling thing swimmingly ūüôā

We are now in the process of finalizing the design of the next (and probably production) version of the main board. I hope to have that produced within the next few months.

Software updates have continued, allowing a much finer control of the system.

I should have a firmer schedule as we enter fall, but it looks like we should be able to market and begin selling our innovative solution to pool automation sometime this Winter!

I will be at the southeastern pool show in the spring, please come by and say hello! I will post more details about that as we get closer.

First Prototype Sent

The first prototype has rolled out the doors and is on the way to our first tester! Once we have it up and running I will start sending units to the other people who have been selected to test the product for us.


Need Prototype Testers

With the designs having been sent to manufacturing, its time to find a few people to help us test the units.

Here is what we are looking for in testers:

Good DIY skills – there is not an installation manual at this time, I will be using feedback from the testers to help create one. I will give general instructions and answer any questions along the way, but a comfort level with installing electrical components is a definite plus. If the testers are local to the Charlotte NC area, I would be open to helping install the system for them.

More to control then just a single pump – The system can handle heaters, lights, pumps, automated valve actuators and more. I need all aspects of the equipment tested by at least 2 of the testers, so the more complex your system, the more helpful your results will be.

For Salt Cell testing РI am currently testing with an AquaPure 1400 cell. I should be able to work with any Jandy or Hayward cell (or generic equivalents)  Please let me know if you have one of these two manufactures  and which specific cell you are using as they all require different voltage/current programming but all work off two DC power wires.

So please use the contact us form and send me:

  • Your location
  • Your pool equipment including model numbers
  • Your comfort level with installing electrical components
  • Your comfort level with installing PVC elements. (our flow sensor is a separate unit and will need to be installed if you want flow alerts or to use the salt cell expansion component)


Engineering is done, off to manufacturing!

WPS is pleased to announce that the initial engineering work is done! The files have been sent off to the local manufacturing firm (Made in USA!) and the prototypes for the main control unit and the salt cell control expansion should be produced shortly.

While the equipment has not yet undergone UL testing, every component we used has and we are confident that the UL Testing will go quickly and not require changes

This means its almost time time to find a few people to help test the prototypes.

Trouble Free Pool

One of the websites that has become near and dear to us here at WPS is trouble free pool. They have come up with a science based, low cost method of pool chemical balance that has kept my pool truly trouble free since I found it. By reading the pool school posts, participating in the forum, and using the poolmath calculator, it doesn’t take long to understand chemical balance and how to have a safe and clean pool year round.

Please check out the forum as well. There are plenty of experts willing to give advice, and I guarantee that at least one person there has gone through whatever pool issue you are facing and will gladly share their experience.